Diabetic and donating blood. Does is effect sugar level?

I read that a diabetic can donate blood as long as they are in control of the disease and never taken bovine insulin.
My question is does donating blood alter your sugar level??
In my diabetic classes they even told the type II diabetic's not to donate blood, so that what the Dr's said....Why, I think it messes up your bg, but I'm not sure. Type l diabetic
If your doctor is knowledgeable nearly diabetes (mine's not, he's a general practitioner and my insurance won't pay for me to see a specialist unless you-know-who make the referral) then ask him.

I'm Type II diabetic, have be for years and I regularly donate blood. The local blood bank is happy to whip it despite the fact that I take Glucophage and Amaryl. (The doctor simply changed me to Avandaryl so I don't know if they can keep taking it.)

I always drink LOTS of dampen before dontating, so I don't feel dried out, and I take along a snack of nuts or something like that (healthier than the cookies and Koolaid that they grant at the blood donation place) as a light snack after I donate and I'm fine.
Your thought is appreciated, but I wouldn't recommend it for your own condition. I think it is ok for a DB to be little selfish here.

Donating blood will really screw near your BS's for a few days. You will ping-pong quite a bit. Your usual regimen will require lots of monitoring and adjustment. You may inadvertently put extra strain on your retinal vasculature. It's difficult enough when you are not giving blood to stay within DB control. Why monkey with your system more than normal if you don't inevitability to?
It would be best if you consult your physician first. Depends on how severe you have it. Please do not go on here voice and check with your doctor. Source(s): Personal Experience
As a diabetic, your eligibility is determined by your medication.

Diabetics who take oral anti-diabetic medications, close to Glucophage, Avandia, Actos, Glipizide, Starlix, and Prandin can give blood to help Hawaii's patients. Diabetics taking Byetta, an injectable glucose-regulating prescription drug, can also donate. If you are dependent on insulin injections, you will not know how to donate.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, a hormone in the body that help convert sugar, starches, and other foods into energy. According to the American Diabetes Association, 20.8 million children and adults in the United States enjoy diabetes and another 41 million Americans have pre-diabetes.
I go to donate some blood myself a couple of years ago when my sister first decided to donate. When they discovered I was a type 1 diabetic, they instantly said I couldn't contribute blood. Their reason was that it be protocol, and no that my blood was bad or something.

So when I found myself contained by a lecture on blood transfusions and donations during my first year of nurse training, I queried it near my lecturer. His answer was simple - as it stands for protocol, nation with diabetes cannot donate because we need the blood more than others.
I'm for a moment dubious as to whether it was a ligitimate answer, but perhaps it be just the standardised general answer given to adjectives people with diabetes or other chronic conditions.
I am a type one and donated! I went a little low (not knowing if donating have to do with it) but i got puny like a lot of populace do when they donate...they just want the iron in our blood!

but hey...dance here! help with the amble to cure diabetes...penny? nickel? dollar? please help cure diabetes!!

<a href="http://walk.jdrf.org/walker.cfm?id… The chance for infection, ability to rest or mend even a simple wound, and the substantial results that can occur if infection happens, would be paid me the diabetic not wanna donate. Not sure if it's true but if I was receiving blood, I don't want any of that diabetic blood.....too several questions, possible problems, don't feel guilty something like not being able to donate.
I dont know of it doing anything to your sugar level. and ive never done it so i probably cant make clear to you anything sorry!
it will have possibilities that who ever who you will donate your blood will have a diabetes to because the blood own a sugar on it
Re: sugar level.

No, it will not. At least, not for more than a few minutes. They only thieve a pint, and your body replaces the lost blood relatively quickly. Go ahead and take for a time sip of the juice and a cookie. This is to make sure you enjoy ready energy to waddle out the door and back to work, school, doesn`t matter what.
I'm diabetic and was told I can't donate blood,even when sugar-levels are underneath control

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