Why can't diabetics chomp through shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, and such)?

Sounds like an outmoded wives tail to me. I can eat anything I want. I simply have to scrutinize how many calories worth of carbs and sugar I take contained by, that's all. Source(s): Me… Mr. Peachy(R)
you can but it depends on your blood type! "O" type cannot as it make your choleslerol gor through the roof. get the book by D'Amo (sp) on eating for your blood type for diabetics...it's brilliant, every diabetic should hang to it. Source(s): me, health professional, author
my fiance is a type one diabetic and hes never said anything about not being competent to eat any of that.. .he just hate seafood.. every now and then he will guzzle some .. like on a specail occasion
sez who....
I have never heard that diabetics' cannot chomp through shellfish. Definitely, a diabetic needs to avoid butter, which we use to dip lobster and clams. Certain shellfish are high surrounded by cholesterol, especially if you eat the liver ( the green stuff in a lobster). Having soaring cholesterol ( LDL the bad cholesterol) and elevated triglycerides will increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Does he high cholesterol?? I'm thinking that this is why he think that he cannot eat shellfish. I hope that this helps. Source(s): Medical Professional, RN. Internal Medicine
I've never hear that before, where did you hear that? I'm insulin dependent and nick shots twice a day as well and enjoy never been told not to eat these foods.
Please complicated, if it's true I'd like to know.
This is not true.
My child with Type 1 eat these foods frequently.
no reason why diabetics can't chomp through shellfish. but - shellfish is very high surrounded by cholesterol, and most type 2 diabetics have high cholesterol, so possibly that's why you're thinking this. Source(s): i'm a doc
I eat shellfish adjectives the time. No reason not to. I love seafood. No one has ever told me that I couldn't devour shellfish. I'm careful about how it's cooked (I chomp through grilled as opposed to fried) and I limit my portions.

Contrary to popular belief, here isn't much a diabetic can't eat. It's portion control and manner of cooking that make the difference.

Type 1, pump user
I am insulin dependent and I can eat shellfish. I am also O- and I have low cholestrol. Both nouns like old wives tale to me!
I guess most of these people have already given you apposite answers, but I want to reinforce it, since I have been a type I diabetic for almost 12 years.

Type I diabetics can drink anything as long as they count the number of carbs in it and then rob the appropriate amount of insulin to cover it. The only thing I don't do is drink regular (non-diet) pop.

Maybe this personage just happens to be diabetic and allergic to shellfish?
Having diabetes does not mingy that a person cannot eat shellfish.

However, some associates have an allergic reaction to iodine. Shellfish hold a large amount of iodine and people who are allergic should avoid iodine and betadine antispetics. Source(s): Diabetic who eat shellfish every chance I get and perform surgery on people allergic to shellfish and betadine.
Are they jewish? Along with pork or anything with hooves they arent suppose to put away shellfish. Diabetic or not. Source(s): Torah

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