Are Potatoes Bad For Diabetics?


My step-father has type II diabetes. My mother often serves him potatoes near his dinner. White potatoes, like frozen french fries. Is this bad for a diabetic to be ingestion? Can this worsen their diabetes? I'm not an expert on diabetes & any info would be great.


Frozen French Fries have alot of Talo (which isn't good for anyone) and other things which breed it hard for a diabetic to digest. Honestly, if she were making home fries would be better or at lowest baking the frozen ones in the oven.

Diabetic diet is about portion control and moderation. Go to the Diabetics foundation and or public library... should own some material to help. It's big that your family support your Dad. And diet is an important tool as very well as avoiding regular sweets. It's a life change and the more the kinfolk supports him less likely to hold mood swings and depression. Being proactive with him will help alot. Don't forget moderate exercises. Go next to him to the doctor, usually they have a pleura of pamphlets and local robustness dept nutritionist can provide good info and recipes. Good luck.
Potatoes are very healthy...of late dont eat them with too much butter or saline if you do put it on your potato. BUHANA KNOWS ALL
YES, b/c it is a starch.

This website has a nutrition guide for people near type II diabetes:… Source(s):…
Yes, potatos does affect people with diabetes. Starch which exists abundunce surrounded by potatoes turn to sugar very rapidly. Rice, pasta, corn, bread, and any other products large in starch are restricted.

It does not mean he can not put away any of them. It means he has to get through limited quantities. People beside diabetes can eat anything he likes, including deserts. He a short time ago have to be careful how much, and how recurrently. A cup or two of potatoes won't affect much. Any larger, he will have to monitor carefully.

If he is on type II, he might hold a glucose meter to measure his blood sugar. Have him take his reading beforehand meal and two hours after meal. You will see, drinking a meal containing large quantity of potato will rise the reading quite high.

By the means of access, if your step father is well educated on diabetes, ask him. He might already know.

You can also take good information from website of American Diabetis Association.

white potatoes are adjectives starch- not good. i am a type 1 diabetic and i only devour white potato about once maybe twice a week. I'll munch through a loaded baked potato for lunch sometimes. I will bake sweet potatoes once and a while they are better (lower GI) But a baked white potato has a lower GI consequently mashed white potato. Try to find a book an learn a moment or two more. When i was daignosed I went to the bookstore and bought diabetes for dummies (that be all they had) but it is great it breaks everthing down for you to understand.
not really but stay away from fried foods it could make entry worse try a baked potato or try red potatoes
Not really. I'm type I, and whenever I eat any kind of potato products my number go way up, so I just own to remember to take more insulin. But like any starch, potatoes can front to high numbers, which in turn can head to more insulin, which in turn can lead to counterbalance gain, which is bad. My recommendation: Eat potatoes surrounded by moderation!
simply about anything that tastes obedient is bad for diabetics, if you eat too much of it at one time. Of course sweets made near sugar, however lots of foods raise blood sugar level during digestion. Any starch approaching bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. Even beer or alcohol. Also, salt is not good for you any but pepper is ok for spiceing what little food choices are left. They say that cinnamin is a unconscious spice that lowers sugar levels. It is good to use contained by coffee to replace sugar and taste's pretty good.
Potatoes are not bad for a diabetic...its HOW MUCH of it that counts. Potatoes are a type of "carbohydrate" and diabetics need to monitor how much of it they munch through each day. If they dont consequently their blood sugar increases.

I wouldnt be able to tell you how much of it he can guzzle as every diabetic is different depending on their body height and weight. Because of this every diabetic is given different guidelines as to how much they can put within their mouth. Go to your doctor or ask to be referred to a dietician who can tell him how many "portions" of carbohydrate he can chomp through each day. Source(s): My Mother (type 2), brother (type 1) and myself (type 1) adjectives have diabetes.
ur abnormal. POTATOES ARE LIKE 99.99% WATER!
I'm not sure, but I do know that potatoes are a high source of starch, simple carbs and innate sugars. If those things are bad for diabetics, then I suppose the answer is yes.
Diabetics have to watch their potassium to preserve from having further problems with their kidneys, so he probably should cut wager on.
You are allowed to have a very small portion of potatoes, every presently and then. Call your local hospital, and speak with both the diabetic nurses, and the nutritionist. They may be capable of give you a few sheets with what is obedient or bad for a person, and proper serving sizes.…

Have your stepdad and mom try this recipe:

Cauliflower Mashed "Potatoes"

1 head cauliflower
1 clove garlic (optional)
1/8 cup skim milk, plain yogurt, or perfect butter
Salt & pepper

This is a great, low-carb alternate to mashed potatoes. I'm not a big fan of cauliflower, all the same this tastes surprisingly good.

Steam cauliflower (optionally near a clove of garlic) until tender. Cut the cauliflower into pieces and place in a blender with the milk, yogurt or butter. Season next to salt and pepper and then beat until smooth. Pour cauliflower into small baking dish. Sprinkle with paprika and bake surrounded by hot oven until bubbly.

Carbohydrates: 6g per cup
Yes, potatoes are extremely carby. Being diabetic myself, I stay away from any type of a potato or potato product. But, certainly a diabetic could munch through a small portion of potatoes. I just choose to stay away from them all together. It wouldn't worsen a diabetic, but it doesn't abet.
Hi. White potatoes themselves are not bad for a diabetic. Diabetics can devour carbohydrates, only the number of servings is limited. Now, if your father is drinking french fries (white potatoes), then the grease used to make these french fries is impossible for him. Diabetics are easily susceptable to microvascular damage due to the increased amounts of glucose in there blood stream. This fat simply makes things worse. If your mom is making home made french fries and baking them, this should be fine as long as your dad eats solely the number of servings per day that are recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Thanks.
In moderation as part of a balanced diet, no. A diabetic should not own them with every meal, but they do enjoy nutrients needed in any ones diet such as potassium. Watch out for the fats contained by any food. Weight control is a big factor in controlling diabetes as well as forceful people staying that way...
white pot8o's motive blood sugar to spike,they are terrible.also,diabetics are more prone to heart disease as well,so y is she feed him FRIES? go to the dr and review the nutrition information !get a book on "the glycemic index".this will endow with u lots of useful info.go beside whole grains,dont fry,dance low-fat.good luck.ur family wants a little more info. Source(s): former nurse.
Potatoes are fine, it lately depends how they are cooked. However, if they are fried liks french fries that's a no no.

Potatoes do have a certain amount of bran but should be served with other vetables as well. If the together meal is of low glycaemia
index then it's OK.

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