Can diabetics munch through Angel food cake?

Yes and within fact diabetics are allowed to eat glucose (sugar) purely not often nor very much. Eating sugar does not make happen diabetes. Diabetics have difficulty maintaining their glucose smooth. The general diet for a diabetic is one of common sense. Fresh fruits and vegetables beside a limited amount of refined carbohydrates most especially a fixed amount of 'sweets' or sugars.
If you are type one diabetic that is Insulin dependant it should be avoided if type 2 diabetic a little within moderation is ok . Source(s): I am type 2 diabetic and still have some nice sweet things in moderation short any affect .
Yes, but it's got to be made specially for diabetics lacking the sugar.
A diabetic can pretty much eat anything they want in moderation if they are monitoring their blood sugar, following the direction of their doctor or dietician and using their insulin and/or meds as prescribed (if insulin and oral meds are part of their diabetes management).
All food affects the glucose level in our blood and as a diabetic it become increasingly difficult to regulate. I am not sure if you are a type 1 or a type 2 diabetic. So I am not sure if you are insulin dependent. A diabetic can eat Angel food cake under most circumstances but you still requirement to take into account how it will affect your blood sugar. Whenever within doubt consult with your physician but a diabetic can eat like foods as a non diabetic the most important thing is to closely monitor your blood sugar level and to keep going to your doctor.
yes it is ok, but if you are the diabetic...Please keep an eye on your mom have 12 surgeries on her eyes because of diabetic problems...and my friend's husband almost died...he stepped on a nail and it got fearfully infected...almost lost his foot after they saved his life. and the nut didn't even want to communicate the dr that he was a diabetic! loco! Source(s): seen too much sickness
People with diabetes can drink everything. There are no forbidden foods. It's a matter of counting carbs and adjusting medication. Source(s): 20 yrs next to diabetes and a daughter with diabetes for 14 yrs.
well diabetics can eat pretty much anything,a short time ago mayb try sugar less kind...perfect luck! Source(s): im smart!

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