The effects that meth have on diabetics (type 1)?

I want to know what meth does to people with diabetes type 1 Diabetes merely for refernce.. thank you
It depends on which form of meth you are refering to. If you are refering to the bent street for of meth then a diabetic should not be consuming it in any whim. If you are refering to prescription methadone or methadose which is used for treating chronic pain patients, the results will very from creature to person.
Persons with diabetes or hyperthyroidism are conspicuously prone to adverse reactions from ephedrine, the main ingredient surrounded by meth. It will worsen conditions such as anxiety, and interfere with diabetes by affecting blood sugar control. Diabetics should avoid meth like the plague.
Meth is deadly for ANYONE let alone someone beside Type 1 diabetes. Meth can cause heart attacks, strokes, nerve deface, brain damage, organ damage, and demise. Not to mention disgusting sores and boils on your body, dark circles under your eyes, and brittle spike and nails.

The risks are amplified in someone near diabetes, especially if they have diabetes complications. They can also go into a coma if they are too dignified to keep their blood sugar in a safe and sound range. If they are lucky to avoid comas and/or immediate passing from meth, prolonged poor control of their diabetes will result in blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, impudence damage,and amputations.

But this can be avoided. Keep good control of your blood sugars and stay far away from meth. If you or someone you know is considering using meth, you involve to try and stop them.

Why anyone would want to ingest anything containing drain cleaner and other household chemicals is beyond me. Do you think it's classy or healthy to suck put a bet on Drano? Give your body and your brain some respect. Really THINK about what meth is.

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