If you enjoy a glucose reading of 131 are you considered pre diabetic?

Is the reading before or after a meal?

You should embezzle your blood sugar reading in the morning before you get through anything.

That will be your fasting blood sugar.
If it is 131 then, you do own diabetes and you should see your doctor.
Hope this helps

it depends , if that was after fasting 8 hr consequently you may be diabetic , we should repeat the test within a week (if you dont hold diabetic symptoms)

if that was a random reading after it is normal(especially if you have eaten a lofty carb meal 1-2 hr before) , but I prefer to get tested after fast for 8 hours

prediabetes is diagnosed by two tests (for nonpregnant adults) :
Fasting blood sugar (100-125 mg/dl ...110-125 according to WHO)
2-hr-OGTT (if it was between 140-200)

apt luck

If it's a fasting trial, yes.
Normal fasting (before breakfast) blood sugar is underneath 100 (up to 99 is fine). Two hours after eating, blood sugar should not exceed 120. Source(s): http://www.collectivewizdom.com/NormalFa…
Some people feel discouraging if their blood sugar is lower then the "normal". I've noticed that what is considered ordinary goes down all the tim = more nation on drugs.

If you just had a illustrious carbohydrate meal and it only go up to 131? that wouldn't be a problem Source(s): www.diabetes-support.com

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