Can diabetics enjoy buckwheat pancakes?

diabetics can have everything - but - size of just-to-taste only. And one at a time, not small size but a plate full of adjectives of them at one time.
Well perchance flicka can but I can't. I have to stay away from all things white and that includes adjectives types of flour. And are you going to eat those pancakes plain? Or with that sugar free stuff they call upon syrup? or are you going to splurge? Pancakes are best just left alone and adjectives the temptation that goes near them.
Yes, diabetics can have wholewheat or buckwheat pancakes, just mind your portions.
Yes, but use sugar free or lite syrup and small portions. I enjoy to count carbs and add insulin to counter everything I eat. I can devour anything and everything but good diabetics are careful more or less their diets.
My husband can eat some pancakes as long as he eats simply two thin ones (about 4 inches) and uses sugar-free syrup (Cary's is his favorite brand of syrup).

Hodgson Mill makes a unbroken wheat baking mix that makes good hotcakes and they are slower-release carbs so are tolerated better by some diabetics.

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