Why can't diabetics use underarm antiperspirants?

I'm a diabetic and my doctor just told me that i can't use deodorant. I'm 15 and i think it's gross for a girl not to wear deo.
It's a investigational fright littlelass I went to the diabetic deodorant sites and read that the doctors are being told that some of the chemicals surrounded by deodorant as toxic to diabetics. That's rubbish. I've been diabetic for ten years or so and yes, I've been using deodorants adjectives that time. I didn't get rash, bumps, coat fall out or reeking stench. Oh, and I used regular bath soaps too as all right as shampoos. But I got a site for you where you can procure diabetic friendly deodorant and all the rest. Twenga.co.uk. I've used the stones, a natural deodorant. THey be really effective and had no covering odor to costume any reeking. So you can choose the smell you want to have on or no smell at all.
I have never heard of this in the past. Deodorant has really nothing to do next to being diabetic/blood sugar levels, and I really don't expect this is a problem... Really, this is crazy. I'm diabetic as well, and I've never ever heard this or have a problem with deodorant. I really wouldn't worry roughly it. Also, I'm wondering if your doctor said why you can't use deodorant? Because I really can't think of any reason for that...
you just cant use antiperspirants but you can use other deodorants resembling clinical protection. Source(s): im diabetic
my 16 year frail son sees an endocrinologist, nurse practitioner, pediatrician, and diabetes educator and not one of them ever said not to use antiperspirant or deodorant. He'd stink to lofty heaven without that stuff!! He uses it every afternoon and I wouldn't want him to do without (especially now that it's hot out!)
I'm beside you, I think it's gross to do without, do you really want to be prearranged as the stinky girl with diabetes? Ask your doc to clarify why not and then do for a moment research wiht a Google search to see if you find other sites with one and the same info. I'd be curious to know if you find anything useful.
Maybe you have another problem that he wanted to keep you rotten of deodorants ?
Diabetes has nothing to do next to it.
I've never heard that. Antiperspirants and deodorants are different, though, as one person here explained. So, turn nuts with deodorant!
I'm not aware of any connections, but...

anti-perspirant is NOT deoderant. AP's are actually fruitless for you, as they keep in fluids that necessitate to be expelled from the body and have been associated to higher cancer risk.

Doderant is just a product that make your perspiration not smell after it has left your body, so turn nuts using it.
I hadn't heard that before. I use deodorant adjectives the time with no problem. Best of Luck to you. Source(s): Type 1 since I was 16
News to me. I've be using before and after I was diagnosed. I haven't notice any undesirable effects.
never affected me in any bearing at all...diabetic for 15 years
I never heard that one past.

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