What is a ordinary morning non-diabetic blood sugar reading.?

What are the normal blood sugar readings for a non diabetic.

Morning, post buffet and bedtime?

I deduce it's 120
Normal range within general is 60-105. After eating, it will travel up. Before bed you want to be a little higher, upwards of 115 or so.
Morning: 80 to 110. Post meal: Probably no more than 120 to 130. Bedtime: 90 to 120

BTW, these numbers are the same for a diabetic who is controlling their blood sugar economically. The higher they get, the smaller quantity control they have.
a "normal range" for our blood sugar is betweein 70-110 or 80-120 below about 60 you will typically perceive a change in the people mental status, they will become more confused/disorianted, or if it gets low enough the party can black out, on the high spectrum, if its in the order of 300 or so, the person will have increased urination, sweat more, enjoy "fruity" breath. Source(s): im an EMT

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