Why can't diabetics put lotion between their toes?

There is no aim I know not to put lotion between the toes. The problem with diabetics and feet is that they can own nerve damage + poor blood supply which make them more prone to ulcers on their feet which don't treat (diabetes means healing is impair as well) - if their feet weren't dried properly this might be a contributor - maybe this is where on earth the lotion myth comes from. But basically a diabetic should keep their foot:

Moisturised (so they dont crack)
And seen by a podiatrist/doctor if problems occur
Because if it doesn't dry the moisture can cause ruthless sores that take a longgggggggggggg time to heal. The skin between the toes wishes to be kept clean and dry at all times.
Lotion in between toes can cause the toes to rub against respectively other. When this happens sores or ulcers can go off. For a diabetic this can cause infections to occur, which is a big no no for them.

Sores or ulcer that aren't treated and become infected can lead to bone and/or blood infections. Amuputation may need to be done but for caught in time. Source(s): Wife to 30 year diabetic.
Quite honestly, I've never hear that before.
Diabetics have such poor circulation in their foot, that their feet cannot ward-off infection. Any bruise, any cut, or any fungal infection becomes a completely serious matter -- possibly life or extermination.

Lotion between the toes just makes a better place for germs and fungus to grow, increasing the risk of infection.

. Source(s): Friends with several diabetics.
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My dad is diabetic and he has never hear of this. I do know they have to be careful when they cut their toenails etc. Diabetics enjoy poor blood circulation and they are prone to feet problem because of this. But I've never heard anything more or less lotion
I am a diabetic and I viewed a tutorial under your own steam care. Here is the link. It clearly states on this .gov vigour site that you should not put lotion between the toes. When the tutorial loads, go down the list to Foot Care and it will report to you midway through that you should not use lotion between your toes.

Hope this helps! Source(s): http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/tutor…
this is instructed you to avoid certain types of foot complications Source(s): http://www.bloodindex.org/diabetes_zone_…
You can rub lotion on and between your toes, but you cannot put on excessive amounts, you have to make sure that you find it rubbed in really well and that your toes and foot are dry and not wet from the lotion. Source(s): R.N. for 22 years
You just need to look out what type of lotion you use. You dont want anything that can promote fungal or bacterial growth. I have had type 1 for over 38 years and my foot are doing great. I go agaist what most use I use olive oil on my legs and foot. Just keep everything clean and preserve a close eye on them
My Anut and Gramps hold diabetes but they neva said they couldn't put loytion btween their toes.
Diabetics are prone to skin infections, especially with yeasts. Lotion is commonly contaminated with yeast spores as you dispense it. Also, the increased moisture it leaves between the toes could encourage colonization beside a fungus. This does not mean that diabetics should not have foot meticulousness. Proper foot care can prevent the infections that can lead to amputations of the toes or of the foot itself. A diabetic should examine the foot day after day, using a mirror, if they can't reach down that far. They need to hang on to the skin of the foot clean, dry and supple. Moisturisers can be used on the outside of the foot and heel, but not left between the toes. Treat any foot wounds hastily by cleaning them and keeping them dry. Consult a podiatrist for any problems or non-healing wounds. Source(s): RN

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