Addicted to candy and I'm diabetic?

I eat candy every day if I can't find candy or cookies or cake or anything sweet I result contained by eating pure sugar I am gaining consignment because of this which is bad cause I hold diabetes I see doctors but they don't seem able to help out me I try not to think about sweets too much but in that everywhere I don't even have that much junk food at my house I ate choclate which be over an yr old when there wasnt anything aid me what should I do?
Hersheys sells a full vein of sugar free candy. Check it out!
Watch out for that sugar free candy. The sweeteners they use often give populace very bad tummy troubles.
Realize you can hold candy and add it to your diet in moderation.
Sometimes we are on a diet and doesn`t matter what it says not to eat: we want.
So.. a short time ago take it slow.
Good luck.
try doing the step down technique like with smoking and drug addiction or really any addiction look at teh grams of sugar ur eating, like possibly idk 100 grams everyday the first week then 80, then 65, afterwards 50, 30, 15, u can stop here, but since ur diabetic maybe u can try to get down to zilch
try a sugarless candy called sorbees. tastes merely like the real entry i eat them everyday!
eat sugar free candy.There are lots out immediately that taste real fitting.
Make cake and apple pie out of the artificial sweetener "Splenda." It taste like sugar next to no bitter after taste. Go to for recipes. For cake and pie you use it cup for cup approaching sugar (for one cup of sugar, use one cup of Splenda instead) See a diabetes educator and learn how to count carbohydrates. I for instance can own 60 carbs per meal and 20 carbs for a snack. You can have a moment or two sweets if you adjust your carbs. Have you tried Russell Stovers Chocolate Pecan Turtles--pretty good. Dark Chocolate has smaller amount fat than milk chocolate. Due to potential heart problems you have to survey fat. Go to "Diabetes Forum" on the net for debate with people near diabetes. I also have this problem and it is hard to do business with. Don't forget to walk 40 minutes a day--10 minutes 4x a daytime or 20 minutes as long as you get in 40 minutes. That will serve the weight problem. Good Luck.

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