Diabetic examine,,,,,bell pepper, the sweet red ones? okay to drink? short spiking sugar level? what?

veggies are bad for a diabetic diet?
Any food is OK to eat, if taken in proper portions. Below is the information on bell pepper. Vegetables are a good part of the diet. Diabetics have need of to eat a well hanging diet.

You need to get more guidance from your doctor and diabetic educationalist. Source(s): http://www.calorieking.com/foods/calorieā€¦
Veggies are moral for diabetics. You just have to index and make sure you don't over eat them. Most diabetic diets recommend green salads, 1/2 cup green beans per buffet, 1/2 of starchy vegetables per meal such as corn or small potatoe. Along with a small amout of lean protein, 1 cup 1% milk, integral grain products such as 100% whole wheat breads and oatmeal. Good fat such as low fat margarine or olive oil.

Yes, it is ok to munch through bell peppers. Source(s): My husband and I are both type2 diabetics. We eat bell pepper every week.
Look up the nutrition information for any food you have question about.
Most veggies are great to eat .
Just count your carbs.
These peppers are ok to eat. Most veggies are solid good, except corn and white potatoes.

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