What is the best beer for a diabetic?

My mate drinks the really strong lagers, according to him most of the sugar has been fermented out.
none. alcohol free is digusting anyway, its a bit like consumption your sisters pussy.........it tastes the same but you know its freshly not right.

You really shouldn't drink beer or any other alcoholic beverage!

But!! Contrary to popular evaluation, the "sugars" in alcoholic beverages like beer work within the opposite way from "sugars" surrounded by foods.

The liver considers all alcohol as a poison and gives up its other occupation of dumping stored glucose into the system for getting rid of the poison. So surrounded by actuality, your glucose is likely to drop from drinking a beer, a glass of wine or a small mixed drink.

But why would you want to taunt your liver to have to combat a poison? Don't have the beer!
None at adjectives or just one. No particular brand is better than another when it comes to that.
Probably a lighting beer like Michelob Ultra Amber since they have far smaller amount of the sugars/carbs that are in beer normally. I know Rock Green Light have really low carb count too. In any event, be sure that beer is treated as a food and that you check your glucometer often!
Holsten Pils be originally brewed with diabetics in mind so I am told due to the sugar content. So probably Holsten Pils.
It's more about the amount you have than, a bit than which one. BUT extra strong's are a no-no. Lower alcohol's are best.
It's too complex to explain here...you need to read from diabetes UK what alcohol ( particularly life-size quantities) does to your blood levels - the carbs in alcohol are no substitute for food carbs. they distribute the blood sugar levels down (after an initial high) after a certain length of time - resulting within a hypo. The more alcohol the more severe the potential hypo.
Therefore NEVER EVER drink without food. Hope this helps. Source(s): PS Sue is incorrect surrounded by stating that diabetics shouldn't drink beer or any alcoholic drinks. Sounds like a personal opinion a bit than a medically researched fact.
apparently its Bottled Holsten Pils....but there are probably others
no beer ,except non-alcoholic!
You have diet beers now/
you can't drink; it make you produce insulin and messes with your sugar. Just drink water and if you want to surface a bit out of it get some smoke.
O'Doul's-holsten-pils and in that are others
just ask where you buy beer
alcohol free

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