Can type 1 diabetics donate blood?

i'm 16 (got permission from my parents) and my A1C is 7.5 which is ok... can i donate?
Yes, you can contained by most States! Call the Blood donation center and talk to them.

The reason most insulin dependent diabetics own been told they couldn't was when we lone had the choice of animal derived insulins. I doubt very much that you enjoy ever taken any of that kind of insulin.

With the new insulins we can adjectives donate blood! Just fill out the forms and let the techs know that you inevitability to be checking your glucose levels before and after donating.

Take your own choice of salvage from donating. Most are given a glass of OJ which will send me to the moon within a heartbeat!!
If you take insulin, you cannot donate blood.

If you be in charge of your diabetes with lifestyle choices or pills, you may be eligible.

I would go ahead and try if you're not taking insulin, and the personnel will not let you donate if they find out you are ineligible during the survey/general health carrying out tests that is required before donating. Source(s): Pre-med student

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