Insulin-dependent diabetics: if your blood-sugar is 250 earlier going to bed, and you awaken surrounded by the middle of?

the night, it's 165 -would that concern you? (this is w/o taking ANY short-acting insulin) For some reason, my glucose reading go down while I'm sleeping & not being active at adjectives (though it goes down when I'm active, as well)-what do you devise..? I take Lantus 30u a day..
If that happened to me it usually means that I'm taking too much Lantus (which I lug before I go to bed) Source(s): type 1 diabetic
the lantus continues to work for 24 hours just about. it is reduction off at night time, it is still slowly working while you sleep. as long as your bedtime reading is not below 150 i wouldnt verbs. if it is below 150 i would have a little snack. i would be glowing that it came down to 165, 250 is way too soaring, it needs to be below 150 , especially in the am, it should be 80-130's surrounded by the am.
Yes, that would concern me alright! I'd be concerned that its track too high!

I generally try to hold on to my glucose under 125 at bedtime. I'm supposed to have a snack, especially if its lower than 120, but my snack is only 10 to 15 carbs, plus some protien or nuts.

If its over 135 I skip the snack because I don't want to get impertinence damage from my blood sugar going over 140.

I'm on Lantus and also take NovoRapid near meals, which is a fast acting insulin.

I used to rouse up in the middle of the night beside lows around 50 to 80 when I was on a mixed insulin, but now that I'm on Lantus it doesn't start anymore unless I mess up my fast acting mealtime insulin and pinch way too much or eat smaller amount than planned and forget to make up for it.

I never let my blood sugar progress over 180 (not that I know of anyway). If its over 145 I usually start to fall asleep when I shouldn't, so I check it and take some extra Novorapid to counter a dignified reading. I aim to keep it under 140 adjectives the time, but it can go a little elevated after a carb rich meal on special occasions, or if I'm ingestion out and not certain of my carb count for the meal.

If you are experiencing reading over 140 on a regular basis, you need to homily to your diabetis nurse or doctor about increasing your insulin, or adding a short acting insulin if you're not on one, or reducing your carb intake, increasing exercise, or doing adjectives of these.

Its normal for your reading to go down as the dark progresses, because its getting further and further from your last intake of food, but your body can handle that, as long as you're not taking too much insulin.

In any grip, you are probably not taking enough, and should be worrying about the twist those high sugar levels are doing, to some extent than worrying about readings that are not low at adjectives.
Do you bear lantus before bed? Before i got an insulin pump I took lantus back bed and it was not uncommon for my sugars to drop 100 even 150 points by the morning.

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